Recipes for scrubs at home


Honey Cleansing Scrub. Melt 2 spoon of natural honey in a h2o bath (preferably not much heating), cool a mixture and add the fresh juice of 1/2 a grapefruit and 1 tablespoon wheat bran. A cover is good for skin with acne. This mask helps to regenerate the facial skin and visibly brightens facial skin.

Oat-natural milk gentle scrub. Three tbsp. Of rice further chop. To have creamy, add milk, cream or consummate. A resulting mass is put on a skin for 10 min, and massage it in a circular, massaging gently skin.

Cucumber scrub. Nnatrite grated cucumber so combine c1 spoon oatmeal or cereal "Hercules", a mixture need infuse for 20-25 minutes. Use exfoliating agent with simultaneous gentle circular movements for 7 minutes. After the treatment, washing the face with soft then coldness aqua.

Carrot - oatmeal scrub. One of a simplest recipes. Carrot nectar mixed with corn and allow them to swell, so to carry weight on a face for 10-Fifteen minutes.

Curd scrub. One teaspoon of shredded rice (comfortably, if there is a coffee grinder or boiler), gently combine with two spoon of curds and half a tsp. Of olive butter. Before the start of a mixing to soft up a bit.

Coffee scrub. We require a coffee grounds following drinking coffee. Please note that a coffee grounds are not completely very dry, leave a small fluid. To this mixture to add to cedar oil, a any drops. Apply the mix on the face and rub in kakby facial skin in a circular motion for 5-7 minutes.

Coffee and cheese scrub. Almost the like so a previous formula. Instead of cedar butter, use curd. Apply on facial skin for 10-Fifteen minutes and rub the mix.

Scrub sweet. To prepare a needed 5 tablespoon of sugar and a bag odnin cream. All mix up and whisk. Gently massotherapy the face proceeds and rinse with water.

Salty aging body scrub. Saline is a natural component which perfectly cleanses a facial skin giving it a shine. Contraindications - highly sensitive or irritated facial skin. Apply a sol-based scrubs consummate later taking a shower.

1. Scrub with sea salt. Combine with sea salt aging body butter or olive oil. Leave this mixing on your face a some min to grains of sol solution, so massotherapy the skin, then rinse with water scrub.

2. Scrub with a cook room sol. Put a shower, the shower dial into wet palm 1 soup spoon salt for 2-3 min gently massaging a facial skin with circular movements. Then ablution off a sol, wipe a facial skin dry and use moisturizer.

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